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Dragon Ball, a legendary anime franchise created by Akira Toriyama, has captivated audiences worldwide for decades. From its original inception with the classic Dragon Ball series to the beloved Dragon Ball Z, fans have been treated to a plethora of exhilarating battles, captivating storylines, and unforgettable characters. But with the introduction of Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super, an age-old debate has been reignited: which of these series truly reigns supreme?

Dragon Ball GT, the first sequel to Dragon Ball Z, initially stirred excitement among fans as it promised to expand upon the epic adventures of Goku and his friends. However, as the series progressed, it became clear that GT struggled to live up to the legacy of its predecessors. One of the biggest criticisms leveled against GT was its departure from the canon established in Dragon Ball Z. The series introduced the idea of Goku transforming into a child, which never sat well with fans who had grown accustomed to his adult form and the fierce battles that came with it. Additionally, GT introduced new villains like Baby and Super 17, whose character development fell short compared to the compelling adversaries from Dragon Ball Z.

Furthermore, the animation and art style in Dragon Ball GT received mixed reviews. While some enjoyed the fresh aesthetic, others believed it lacked the polished and dynamic animation seen in Dragon Ball Z. Despite its shortcomings, Dragon Ball GT did introduce the concept of Super Saiyan 4, a transformation loved by many fans due to its unique and powerful appearance.

Dragon Ball Super, on the other hand, brought a much-needed revitalization to the franchise. With Toriyama heavily involved in its production, Dragon Ball Super managed to recapture the magic of the original series while elevating it to new heights. The series retconned GT, effectively nullifying its existence from the official canon, which was seen as a validation by fans who found GT lacking.

One of Dragon Ball Super’s greatest strengths is its superb storytelling. It continues the narrative from Dragon Ball Z, reintroducing beloved characters and seamlessly building upon their arcs. Moreover, Dragon Ball Super introduces fresh and intriguing storylines, such as the Tournament of Power and the epic clash against the powerful Jiren. With well-developed characters and genuinely tense battles, the series succeeds in reigniting the nostalgia while presenting fans with innovative and exciting plotlines.

Animation-wise, Dragon Ball Super vastly surpasses GT’s visuals. The animation quality in Super is far more consistent and dynamic, providing fluid and intense fight sequences, especially in its later episodes. This attention to detail and commitment to delivering thrilling battles makes Dragon Ball Super visually stunning and a joy to watch.

Additionally, Dragon Ball Super introduces new transformations, such as Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue, which reignited the fanbase’s excitement for powerful forms. The transformations not only add depth to the fight scenes but also pave the way for potential future developments in the series.

Ultimately, Dragon Ball Super emerges as the winner of this clash of series. Its stellar storytelling, well-developed characters, remarkable animation, and the ability to reignite the enthusiasm of fans confirm its supremacy over Dragon Ball GT. While GT undoubtedly had some redeeming qualities, it fell short in terms of character development, consistency with the established canon, and animation quality, leaving it unable to dethrone the successor series.

Dragon Ball Super has breathed new life into the franchise, captivating both longtime fans and newcomers alike. As the Dragon Ball saga continues to unfold, fans eagerly await further installments, hoping that they will deliver the same level of excitement, memorable moments, and engaging storylines that they have come to expect from the legendary series.

By Orville Anderson

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